The Eclipser Beast Picture

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Legend has it that Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, granted this creature the gift of eternal life as an animal guardian of the night. She waited for months for the proper time of it's birth. Artemis predicted that the creature would be born during the first full moon of the summer. Unfortunately, his birth was belated by one night, so instead of being born a full-moon pup with a more majestic appearance, he was born during the night of a waning gibbous moon. It has all of it's greatest defensive features, but at the cost of a graceful, majestic appearance.

Known to be an insomniac creature, the Eclipser Beast is mostly active at night. Rumors spread by people say that the beast brutally feasts on cattle and pigs from farms. But this is a lie. It's nothing more than an herbivore; it really eats wheat & beans from fields, fruits, and vegetables. Rumors also say that it's a huge and vicious monster. In reality, he's still a juvenile. (About a child's age, in his state.) It's shy, so it avoids getting close to people. Despite it's timid approach, (or rather, it's fear of approach) it is actually a very docile and patient animal being. It's actually so friendly, it treats it's friends like children, siblings, or parents, depending on age.

It fears people because they criticize him of his monstrous appearance and believe that it is what it looks like; a ghastly, feral beast. It's also afraid of traps of many types; snares, cages, binds, etc. It's other fears include guns, syringes, sharp objects, war machines and weaponry, and fire, especially large amounts of fire such as burning buildings or riots/angry mobs.

On a lighter note, this so-called "beast" is a young creature that means no harm to others in any way, shape, or form. It sleeps in dens; holes burrowed underground or deep caves, where it can shelter from the great outdoors while it sleeps. Because of it's current age, that being something of a child's, it is not mature enough to reproduce or have pups of it's own. Despite it's young age, it can be very protective and sometimes parent-like at times when with it's loved ones. Artemis is it's mother, and in some way, so is the moon. It sometimes howls to the full moon, or the moon of it's birth, as a way of asking Artemis for guidance, protection, strength, etc. There's no say in where exact,y it's located, for it travels worldwide. Some say it probably has a permanent home somewhere in parts unknown, where it takes sanctuary from it's travels.

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