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Sköll (right)
Despite her friendly appearance, Sköll is the more agressive of the twins. She is ruled by her element, fire, and tends to act passionately - following her instincts. She loves the outdoors and warm, sunny days. Her favorite things to do always have something to do with physibcal activity and being outside. She is very protective of her brother and of her friends and very loyal to people she considers friends and family.

Hatï (left)
Even though he's a wolf, Hatï is very docile. He is a great listener and likes to be helpful, but doesn't like to let people too close. He sometimes comes off as cold, but that's because he has trouble socializing. However, he is very close to his fiery sister and she does help him to open up a little. He is quiet and reserved by nature, but isn't shy. He enjoys calm, relaxing activities such as reading and drawing. True to his element, water, Hatï tends to do things based on emotion and can sometimes be seen as the "younger" of the twins because he often thinks with his heart instead of his head.

In Norse mythology Sköll and Hatï are the wolves that chase the sun and moon across the sky. Sköll, the black wolf, chases the sun. She rules over daytime, heat, fire, love and summer. Her twin, Hatï, the white wolf, chases the moon. He rules over nighttime, the cold, water, solidarity, creativity and winter. Together they create a perfect balance of time and the elements of nature, preserving the natural balance.

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Lineart, animation, and concept blurb created by ~KyojiWinter.
Coloured by *Devangelus (myself).

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