Zenstellation: Taurus Picture

The other astrological sign most present in my life, other than my own, and Scorpio, is definitely the Taurus.

There was time, many moons ago, when I took astrology very, deeply serious and began to feel, as a result, that I was in the middle of a bull pit. That's how many of these suckers I got tangled up in.

I kind of wish that I had done a better rendition of this garden, but that mess of weaves on the right side fucked me up more than a few times in the execution and I was just glad to be done with it.

It was especially frustrating here because, unlike my usual gardens where I basically put the stones wherever I want, I'm working from an image, and trying to get the dimensions just right so that the garden looks exactly like the constellation.

So every screw up meant removing all the stones, re-raking the sand, and then going through the painstaking process of getting the stones back into the right dimensions.

In a funny way, the process of making this garden is a lot like my relationships with the various Taurans I've known: always going back over, and back over, trying (often in vain) to perfect the relationship.

Upon seeing the finished design, I'm surprised that Taurus wasn't known as The Chariot Race. Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be much disagreement on the stars being a bull. Basically all interested cultures have identified them this way. In Greek mythology, Taurus was Zeus, since Zeus often took the form of a bull to do his raunchy seducing.

Because, you know, chicks dig bulls.
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