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I already posted Selesmica's alternative form. This is her true one.

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Now, we already had a bit of story, so let's have some Mythologic and more general explanations instead. :3

Selesmica is a Smile -I already said it-, one of the universe's most elder specie, being born 250 billion years before today. Far ago from Big Bang and Earth's formation.

A creature known as the Nothingness, Enigiro, one of the Unloks -creatures superior to gods-, became the bringer of the life on the very first planet Arch Cluster.
Arch Cluster is a sheer concentrated amount of Darknesses, Shadows and Dreams, made solid by Unloks's tremendous power, known as the Planet of Origines. It became, 250 billion years ago, the most dreadful and large battlefield ever known in the... You can't say "History", because Time didn't existed at this moment.
Enigiro concentrated the very essence of Arch Cluster's Darkness to create the Seeds of Life, - actually Smile Eggs-, which means that Smiles are a product of Obscure Magic, made living bodies, but still having magical and biological origins both at the same time.
Started as Seeds of Life, Smiles Tadpoles began fighting others Unlok's creations the instant they were born. They evolved, without ever dying, and knew these billion years of battle and evolution until 27 BY ago- still far from Big Bang-, the day the Alpha War ceased: Smiles were all the others species's triumphers. During these repetitive fights, they were known by the name of Smiles because of their W or M-shaped mouth, which cruel smiling scared their victimes to death.

Selesmica, also known as Red Night, Blazing Moon or so Dusk of Scarlet Lights, is a Female Smile (currently called "Smiletta", as it is "Smileus" for Males, like "Ladies" and "Mens").
She inherited these nicknames from her ability to magically control natural satellites and their orbites and the flames surging from the planet's cores. So, despite her numerous names, she is often simply called by the Mireversians "Goddess of Moons".
A known fact is that she's the origin of the bloody red color of Mireverse's Moon, and anytime she appears, night sky turns into a dark scarlet veil of celestial flames.
As a goddess of Moons, her domain remains within night and from dusk to dawn. She can appear in dreams as she can set the skies afire, blowing clouds of nights to reveal the gleam of her Red Moon above a land. These gleams are a prophecy telling that lands flowed by them will soon become a battlefield.
She's the guardian of Heroes, whom she blesses with the flames of Evanescent Glory. Only the ones who show valor can be choosen. She also is a wise spirit who tells during night sealed secrets in order to make History turn over and assure evolution and victory. Sometimes, she is also a curing figure, but still her representation is occult. Mythology describes her as a alabaster-skinned young woman wearing a cloak of blazing flames, whith two moth-like wings. A temple was build for her at the top of the Scar-light Streams.

Biologically speaking, Selesmica is a marvelous example of Smile evolution. Her white scales aren't to be scarred by any impact, even though a strong enough blade is able to cut through them. A thick layer of white fur cover them, making her immune to heat and cold.
Her Plasma -her blood- is a sort of incredibly hot magic liquid, an glowish orange fluid called in magiscience "Mystergy 29".
That fluid allows her to generate Fire and Earth magical charges, which means she can attack with fire beams, heat waves, stone or lava, and summon celestial objects like meteors. Her control on the Mystergy of Mireverse is unmatched, granting her quasi-illimited mystergy.
Her tail is a sort of mystergy reactor that can gather a charge of magic so huge that ground under her feets can melt into lava and sky taint turns scarlet.
Even so, her most noticeable ability is that she can control natural satellites from the ground, whith a large range that could reach the Kupier Belt from Venus's surface.
That ability makes her a specialist of Aero, Flow and Field Mystergy at the same time. She's a bit less good at using Morpho Mystergy and Shield Mystergy.

Her regeneration ability is quite noticeable among Smiles, though it's not exceptionnal. Like every othe Smile, she doesn't fear damages from physical attacks like blades or impacts and is more weak against magic, especially Water and Venom, (Water because she's a Fire/Earth magic and Venom like every other Smile), but immune to Earth, Thunder and Ice and fueled by Wind, Fire and Oil.

Her particle combination is Fire-Earth-Space. Space is a magic particle that can only be mastered by Smiles, however, it prevent them from using the Blood Particle which can only be used by mortal magicians.

Her immunity system is at the top due to the fact that she's full of a burning liquid, so she's also immune to Bacterial and Viral magics.

Her finishing move is called "Dreamdriver Descent". An attack dreaded for her power and the large area effect. She emits a fire pillar straight to the moon which breaks in two parts, releasing on the battlefield a rain of burning rocks and lava falls, before extracting the gravific power of the core and raining it down at the ennemy under the form of moth-shaped fission beams, which will explode underground in lava pillars. During the rain of meteors, earth takes the shape of a hardened lava crater, preventing the ennemy from escaping from the area. This Mystergy move is counted both in Aero and Field Mystergies.
An alternative finishing move, the "Scarlet Daymare", is a Parallel Mystergy, which warps the ennemy into an illusion to crush him into an asteroid cluster before fusioning it into a star.
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