Halloween Meme: Chezamon Picture

Filled out Jessi-Korpse's meme.

Kaya is a vampire, his favorite creature.
Kaya: Hi there!
Rocket is disguised as Simba from the Lion King (it was the only thing he actually accepted to wear, anyway).
Rocket: How did I let Kaya talk me into this?
Shaoran did not want to take part in this, but since he owed me a favor, he dressed up as my favorite mythological creature: a dragon! Well, he thinks it looks more like a mutant lizard than a dragon. ran
Shaoran: I'll get my revenge...
Takahashi was no trouble convincing, it was the bunny disguise that he didn't like.
Takahashi: I'm cute! Give me a candy!
Toba got ahead of me and made his own disguise: a mutated frankenwolf who escaped from a lab.
Toba: No! It's a frankenzombchamon escaped from a laboratory.


Hikari decided to try something different and dressed up as Red Riding Hood.
Hikari: How do I look? Pretty?
Uhhh… yes.
Jerome wasn't too picky, he simply took a few crow feathers and made a disguise himself.
Jerome: What? It's much cheaper than buying a disguise!
Ryuu decided to dress up as Minato Namikaze because they have similar combat styles, at least that's what Ryuu says.
Ryuu: Besides, this wig looks cool on me, and it's better than Hukaro had to wear.
Hukaro… well, I decided to give him a Nightmare Moon disguise just to annoy him. Hehe.
Hukaro: One day, Ladyanaconda, one day...

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