Awilix Convex Picture

Found a name you poops.

Name: Awilix(Name of a goddess from Maya Mythology) Convex(Synonym for Crescent Moon)
[Nickname: Alix]
Gender: Female
Age: 7.38 sweeps/16 years
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 pounds

Blood hue: Mid ocean teal/blue
What one is she under? Teal

Lusus: Large terror bird (Terromom)

Matesprit: Aleana Hacket
Moirail: N/A
Auspistice: N/A
Kismisis: "(an you seriously not insist on this (rap?"

Pesterchum: singularShades (SS)

Quirk: Cs' are swapped with (s': (ontroling this isn't exa(tly the best idea you have.

Fetch modi type: Array

Strife Specibus: Crssbowkind

Moon: Derse

Land of Cold and Night (LoCaN) (//Snorts/ Lo Can...)

Title: Sylph of Void
Thank you Erisolrootbeer so much for this boop. ;3;
I love her...
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