MOTME {Battle Royal} ~Sacred Colour~ +Download Picture

Hello everyone! so I decided that next year I will focus on mythical creatures and creatures in general. So as a preview and little new years present I will be putting this model for download!

she was supposed to look like a sketch at first but turned into something else xD (which is why she is colorless)

The theme I chose for the battle royal was: mythical creature (specifically centaur)

This is just 1 model

-Credit me dianita98
-You are allowed to edit but the model should stay the same character.
-You are not allowed to redistribute original model
-You are not allowed to distribute edited model
-You can take parts
-You cannot redistribute parts on their own it must be on a full model
-Commercial use is forbidden
-You are allowed to take textures, etc. but credit the owner.

You can download the kuroyu style centaur base here: MMD Kuroyu Style Centaur Base Download
Pencil base: MMD Pencil Kuroyu centaur base Download
Flower eyepatch: MMD Flower eyepatch Download

~Credit time~
Base1 by Kuroyu, deino and K-Channnn Kuroyu Base Download {mmdmall}
horse body by saler1 MMD Centuar Base dl. Beta Ver. {mmdmall}
head texture by SunRascolnicov edited by me MMD Kuroyu face edit DL {mmdmall}
Hair by montecore and Xoriu Montecore Hair Pack 2 DL {mmdmall}
shirt by ThisisKENZ PARTDL:GYM TOP SET {mmdmall}
shirt texture by me
flowers1 by Gadgeteer61 MikuMikuDance Accessory - Gladiolus Flower {mmdmall}
Flowers 2 and 3 by Tehrainbowllama MMD Flower Pack (1,800 watchers special!) and MMD Lotuses {both in mmdmall}
pendants by chickid11 MMD Moon Hair Chopstick DL {mmdmall}
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