Midnight Wonder Picture

My MLP OC! What do you guys think?
Name: Midnight Wonder
Gender: Female
Age: Old enough to be a guide of wisdom, young enough to be your little sister
Magic Aura: Black, eerie green, vivid purple (like King Sombra (took up some magic lessons from him during her travels))
Cutie Mark: A side-ways moon crescent and an X
Eye Color: Green
Mane Color: Orange with streaks of purple and turquoise
Coat Color: Black and lavender
Favorite Accessory: Haven't decided (what do you think she should wear? Bow? Hat? Scarf? Ribbon? Flower?)
Likes: Helping others, history (mostly mythology), books, art, music, fantasies, daydreaming, heroes, animals, being alone, darkness, freedom, video games, movies, creepypasta, creativity, magic, dancing, nighttime, the moon, dreams, ghosts, loyal friends, fillies (anxious to become a mother one day), fairytales
Dislikes: Bad people, swearing, destruction of nature, animal abuse, cruel realities, horror movies, science, math, big crowds, being center of attention, losing loved ones, failure, writer's/artist's block, disappointing someone, scary animals (sharks and snakes), zombies, mornings, bright lights, the cold
Occupation(s): Bronyville Museum Director, author, illustrator
Dream: To become a great author and illustrator with stories that inspire others to do what's right
Backstory: Midnight Wonder was born the daughter of two hybrid ponies/Draconequus in a land far away from Equestria and was quite different from others around her since the very beginning (and not because she was a hybrid). Having been born on a cold winter night, her parents decided to name her after the night and, upon seeing how curious she instantly was of her surroundings and seeing the wonder sparked in her eyes, added the name Wonder. Growing up, she was a late bloomer in just about everything that most babies learn with ease. However, she did develop a great talent and love for art at a much earlier age than most, both amazing and worrying her parents. When they took her to the doctor, they learned that she had a mental disability called Autism which caused her mind to develop at a much slower pace and for her to learn basic skills much differently. However, it also allowed her to access certain traits and abilities at a much earlier and advanced stage for her age. Knowing that she was limited, Midnight Wonder mainly focused on her art skills to remain happy, although felt a bit limited at times as she was not very good at speaking. Eventually, when her father began reading her stories, she found a great love for stories and began creating stories to go with her drawings, inspiring her to become an author and illustrator at an early age. But she was still very shy and insecure around others, the only one she ever truly felt comfortable and safe around being her brother (he's a year younger than her but she always considered him to be a big brother instead). When she was six years old, her parents had a newborn baby girl who, like her brother, looked more pony than Draconequus. After a year or two, Midnight Wonder lost control of her powers when feeling greatly depressed after a rough day at school where bullies constantly picked on her for her disability and reserved persona, accidently hurting her baby sister in the process (don't worry, her sister is fine). Horrified by what she had done, she ran away from home out of fear that she would hurt somepony she cared about. She eventually found her way to Equestria where she became lost in a snowstorm, eventually being found by the Crystal Empire. King Sombra saw the potential she held for magic and decided to teach her how to used dark magic. However, she always refused to use it to hurt others and was thus deemed a traitor. She ran away from the Crystal Empire and to the Everfree Forest. Still a young filly who had yet to earn her Cutie Mark, she wondered the forest scared and alone until she crossed paths with some animals. The animals took her in, accepting her despite her oddities. During a stormy night and all the animals become frightened, Midnight tells them a story, drawing scenes of the story in the dirt ground. Her story eases the animals and helps them remain calm and brave throughout the storm. By the time she finished her story, the storm had passed and the moon was shining down on them. Gazing up at the moon, Midnight finally earned her Cutie Mark (a sideways crescent moon with an X in the middle (X representing her unlimited potential)). Centuries later, having aged only a few years due to her Draconequus bloodline, Midnight meets a Pegasus named Dock Moron who invited her to come live in a town where all sorts of outcasts and freaks are welcomed with open arms: Bronyville. Midnight soon moves to Bronyville and takes up residence in the Bronyville Museum, working as a guide for visitors to teach them Equestria's vast history while also working on her stories on her off time.
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