BSOCT - Empress Metis Picture

First Name: Metis
Last Name: Ma'atia
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Seshatian
Biography: Metis was born as the elder of twin heirs of the Emperor Sobek and Empress Athena Ma'atia. Along with her twin brother, Prince Coeus, Metis was raised in a loving family environment and trained in basic magic and warfare until her 10th birthday. On their tenth birthday, the royal twins were told by the Grand Sage which heir would inherit the throne of the empire and which would become the next guardian protector of the planet Seshat. To the surprise of the court, it was decreed that Metis would take the throne as Empress, and Coeus would be the protector of both the Empress and the planet. After this, Metis became engrossed in her studies to be a wise and just ruler when the time came for her to take the throne. Over the years, Metis matured quickly and showed a great amount of wisdom well beyond her years. As such, when she turned 16, her parents stepped down as reigning monarchs and gave the throne over to Metis. In the year since taking the throne, the young Empress has been shown to be a fair and just ruler, gathering loyal allies and advisers who also seek to help their empire and planet prosper.
While she has yet to experience such tragedy herself, Metis studied the dark age her planet suffered after her mother, Empress Athena and the former Sailor Seshat, lost her Star Seed to the corrupted Sailor Galaxia. As such, Metis does not want any planet to suffer in such a way again and actively helps to promote peace and prosperity through means of trade and alliances throughout the galaxies. In doing so, she and her planet were invited to become an ally of the new Moon Kingdom and eventually Metis was invited to become a member of
the Board of Foreign Senshi Relations. While the empress is not a fan of 'war games' she does understand that they can provide a peaceful solution to prevent true conflict.

Age: 17
Birthday: October 1 (Libra)
Eye Color: Silver gray
Skin Tone/Shade: Pale peach
Hair Color: Lapis lazuli blue
Height: 5'9
Personality: Kind, quiet, mature and optimistic. Metis is one to listen carefully to others before speaking herself, unless she feels that she must speak up. Due to her quiet nature and her love of history, she often seeks out the advice of Sailor Pluto, seeing the Time Guardian as a good role model. As the recently crowned Empress of her empire and planet, Metis strives to make a good impression for herself and her planet to the rest of the Board of Foreign Senshi Relations and the Silver Millenium. She has a childish, immature and somewhat naive side due to her age, usually shown when she is around sweets and sugar or 'cute' things.

Likes: Reading, studying history, trivia games, reading and writing poetry, sailing, garden parties & picnics, tea parties and ceremonies
Dislikes: Small enclosed spaces, insects, cold weather, winter, disorder and chaos, war, her brother's more impulsive nature
Hobby/Hobbies: Reading while sailing on her royal barge, tea parties in royal gardens
Dream: To bring a great age of peace to Seshat and her galaxy.
Phobias: Failing as a monarch, losing her twin brother
Inspiration: Hearing tales about the Moon Kingdom growing up and from her good friend Princess Kakyuu, Metis strives to be a good ruler and follow the footsteps of Queen Serenity I and Neo Queen Serenity.
Other: Metis' favorite foods are lobster, salmon sushi and saltwater taffy and her favorite beverage is cherry-flavored hot tea.
Her favorite quote and personal mantra is "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Title: Empress of the planet Seshat; Empress of the Ma'atian Empire of Seshat
Symbol:7-leaf palm
Alignment: Lawful Good
Home Planet: Seshat
Abilities: Metis is not a Sailor Senshi but she does possess her own amount of power and magic, usually for healing and defensive purposes.
Weapons: Zuben Star Scepter - A royal symbol of the reigning monarch of Seshat. Blue and pink sapphires surround the Zuben Emerald, a powerful emerald that originates from the brightest star of the Libra constellation. Metis uses this to increase her defensive powers more than as a true weapon.
Rose Quartz jewels - Magical gems that increase Metis' powers. Worn on her many jewelry items.

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