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TobatoJello tagged me again for this godawful character dev prompt sO

EIGHT FACTS ABT MY CHARACTEr!! and then i will choose victims

1. the first name i gave monty was actually agnes but i forgot it while i was making a new drawing of her, so TobatoJello gave me the name monty bc there was this dude in our latin class named monty who was. so great.

2. monty is based off of the lamb of the apocalypse (the lamb with seven horns and seven eyes) who is fated to unleash the seals of the apocalypse. so i guess shes basically jesus? SHES BASICALLY A GIJINKA FROM THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS LMAO... i love judeochristian mythology

3. is this the backstory bullet ok lets go she was conceived as the apocalypse catalyst and she loves her job, basically is a diety charged w/ worldly destruction whenever a planet's population is set to burn. heavenly being as opposed to demonic! is the antagonist. really loves her job

4. powers! she brings abt a universe's end with really bad trumpet playing (seven angels w/ seven trumpets!) which magically invoke various natural disasters. as an angel she can has access god's wrath to materialize ~personalized~ and probably bedazzled weapons. god's wrath is essentially the power supply in heaven i guess. he's just so angry.

5. is in the same universe as fav.me/d9qs0a4 / fav.me/d9s2x1o who i have named pythius who will prbbly be the protag to the antag monty

6. doesn't really eat, but if she did, she would really like those mexican candies that are watermelon flavored lollipops with chili powder coating?

7. dresses w/ the color coordination of a puritan

8. sanguicholeric temperament with ENFJ mbti and altho she was concieved before time her zodiac is aquarius w/ ascendant virgo and saggitarius moon

TobatoJello - shou
crimsxnflxwerz - enoch or icewing
XxKawaiiSnow-ChanxX - the nameless scarfed one in fav.me/d7tuzi8

suffer w/ me
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