Romantic dawn of Nekos Picture

Derp, having no idea of titling this thing. But this costed me entire day in painting + my flat screen died during lineart. I used CRT one, which didn't show colors properly, so I had to pause drawing to get my flat screen repaired. And this is just a little break from Serbian Chronicles/Slavic Mythology chain, I will be back to them. .///v///.

Anyway, this one was inspired by one of my childhood drawings that looked same, just involved male and female cat and one moon instead of 2. I was (and still I am) damn obsessed with cats. So hard that I drew them in almost every shape (anthro and superhero especially). And at this time I didn't pay attention to anatomy, just to draw it.

Feel free to guess who are those nekos. Maybe they are female and male? Maybe they are even both guys? (coz I actually suck at anatomy of females) Or maybe they are my OCs that I'm doing their ''bio'' in my head now? Who knows, really? =////v////=

Also, I suck at making transitions between night and dawn, even if I properly imagined. ;///3///;


Stars brushes - kuschelirmel-stock
Tiny blue Ice World Sibirus A (yep, I even thought about naming planets during painting 8D ) textures - ice by honey-stock , snow by annarey-stock-art
Huge Ice World Sibirus B - ice by dudealan2001 , snow by philippeL
Planet tutorial - DemosthenesVoice
Water reflection tutorial - Madman6884

Joke guys, those are actually Croatia and Serbia and I just shipped them, coz I can. Enjoy anyway! e///7///e)/
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