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Deer Woman Dancing, Hind Heart-

Best wishes for the Summer Solstice, A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

June 21 is National Aboriginal Day in Canada and World Music Day.

The Deer Woman sometimes known as Deer Lady, is a shape-shifting woman in Native American mythology.

She appears as an old woman, a young maiden, or a deer; and, sometimes with a human female upper body and a white-tailed lower body deer.

Deer Woman is fond of dancing and will sometimes join a communal dance unnoticed, leaving only when the drum beating ceases.[2][3]

Sometimes mortals will follow her home and live with her for the rest of their lives, not realizing that she is a preternatural being.[1]

For herself, their time together is very short, while the mortal, free from illness in her magical realm, may not realize how long they’ve been there.

If her deer eyes or tail and deer feet are noticed while she is dancing, she will run away, back to her magical home.

Like the Pukwudgie ("little people") in other legends of Native peoples of North America The Deer Woman may simply be mischievous.


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Singer, Susan Aglukark - O Siem , You Tube

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