NDAWay 1 Picture

First entry for the fashion contest on the NDA message boards. This is supposed to express me. I'm very colorful it turns out. If I do every entry with this kind of shading, I think I'll kill myself. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky and lose early on!
Very long and yet somewhat brief analysis (Read at own risk!):

Shirt- The shirt is inspired by ancient Greek clothing. I love Greek mythology and am very into it. The name of my model, Chloe, is actually an epithet for the Greek goddess, Demeter. The color is also white, which represents my purity and idealism and my childness.
Long sleeve shirt- Still a little bit of the Greek style showing through. The shirt is kind of like a shield to hide who I am. It hides everything the color white represents. It's shade of blue is like my coldness and impassiveness to people who are not close friends with me.
Gloves- The leaves represent the element "earth." They represent my stubborness. The gloves themselves represent my feelings of isolation and distance. I tend to hold people at arms length and feel left out. Since they're opera gloves, they also sort of symbolize my perceived snobbiness and maturity. The color black represents my malcontent and my mourning of a death.
Belts- A deviation from the norm and my obsession with the X-Men. Also my feelings of being constricted and bound to the desires and preconceived notions of others and to my situation.
Skirt- The element "water." My outer calmness masking my inner tumult. Love, destruction, my loyalty, and again, my coldness to other people. Also, it's a ballet-type skirt, and I'm a dancer. I love dancing.
Boots- The element of "fire." I'm passionate, enthusiastic, and aggressive. They're also combat boots, and I will kick *** if it's called for. The ribbons are like pointe shoe ribbons, and I've been dancing for about twelve years. Dancing is kind of like a part of me now.
Briefs- I'm not quite sure, but I get the feeling it takes us back to fire and dancing.
Feathers- The element "air." My flighty and fickle nature, I can never make a decision and stick with it and my interests and mind are always changing. The feathers are also my desire to succeed in life and be free. I just want to get away. Purple represents nobility and arrogance, and I do often behave overconfidently.
Ribbons- A combination of air and water, since they're flowy and move with the wind. They represent something, but not quite sure what it is.
Necklace- The bead's colors have all been explained previously. The pentacle is the harmony of elements and my spirituality. I reject religions and am trying to find my own spirituality and beliefs. The moon is my love of night. The pentacle and moon are intertwined and are both connected to magic.
Lightning bolts- The combination of the elements that I identify most with, fire, water, and air into a storm.
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