Shining Sailor Agate Orca Picture

EDIT: I've made a simplified Character sheet that I will be adding to as I see fit as a seperate document found here

I formally asked the admins if I could change my senshis' animal and so, instead of an Oarfish, We have an Orca(killer whale)

General Info
Senshi Name: Shining Sailor Agate Orca
Civilian Name: Avyanna Esperanza Undine ('strong, powerful'+ 'hope' + 'of the wave; mythology: water spirits')
Other Aliases: Ava
Titles: Senshi of Varying Depths
Age: 19
Birthday: March 4 (Pisces)
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African-American
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Physical Traits
Body Type: average with muscle
Height: five foot nine inches
Weight: 185 pounds
Skin Color: dark tangelo (brown)
Hair Color: moderate pthalo blue
Hair Length: hair reaches to the small of her back
Hair Style: poofy;wavy
Eye Color: moderate aquamarine
Disabilities / Injuries: none
Other: tattoo of the Pisces constellation on her right shoulder blade in the form of varying sized dots (to invoke the image of the actual constellation)
Casual Clothing: Ava likes to wear imported clothing bought online. She gets a lot of her wardrobe from independent sellers on sites like Etsy and personal websites but her style consists of casual dresses, jeans,killer shoes and cute accesories. She prefers flowwy shirts and dresses and form hugging pants.
General Physical Description: Ava is of average height, managing to be about as tall as most people. Her body is slim but closer to her hips and thighs she starts to get a bit meatier and then tapering again to a slim cut at her ankles and feet. She usually lets her hair stay down but will experiment with different updos and styles.

Psychological Traits
Ethical Alignment: Good
Positive Traits: optimistic, imaginative, empathetic, spontaneous, and eager to help
Negative Traits: tactless at times, , short-tempered, quick-temper, and thoughtless of consequences.
Mental issues: Ava is trying to work with anxiety issues that hinder her from making decisions that will move her forward in her life.
Goals: to travel, to have done enough to make a fulfilling life, to finish her college degree and helped preserve the Earths' oceans.
Fears: being forgotten after death, being alone. Not having anyone to turn to for help.
Spiritual Beliefs: Ava chose to identify herself as agnostic at the age of 18, after graduating highschool
How others see them: Ava keeps her anxiety in check by reminding herself of the golden haired girl she sees in her dreams and keeping her mind on other things that make her feel happy. As such, people cinsider her high maintenence in the way that people who constantly want to be around friends or want to be doing something that takes a lot of energy and concentration. She helps out a lot around her college campus, volunteering to help clubs that need more people and ends up being asked to help out a lot and makes friends easily through this energy.
How they see themselves: Ava is aware of her own anxiety problems but tries to stay focused on other things and ignore the fact that she's scared to try to make choices in her life due to many of her family members regretting things they've done, despite having done well for themselves. She considers herself closer to her mother and her grandmother, giving her a stronger sense of female companionship over male companionship.

Personality Questionnaire
Outgoing / Reserved: outgoing
Shy / Sociable: shy
Self Reliant / Group follower: group follower
Dominant / Submissive: submissive
Open to change / Traditional: Open to change
Emotional / Calm: emotional
Confident / Self doubting: self doubting
Imaginative / Practical: imaginative
Impulsive / Restrained: impulsive
Sympathetic / Uncaring: Sympathetic
Likable / Unlikable: likeable

Background Info
Hometown: Selbyville, Delaware, United States
Where they currently live: Orono, Maine, United States
Social Class: upper middle class
Education: attending college/university (freshman, major in Marine Biology)
Occupation: part-time college student; volunteer around her campus.
Favorite food: mushroom and shrimp pizza with garlic sauce drizzled over the crust and light pizza sauce - extra cheese
Hobbies: swimming, exercising, reading, trying to make music, playing video games, some horse-back riding
Misc. Talents: holding colours in her mind; She can chose something that matches in colour pefectly to something else, without having it with her. also good at identifying voice actors in animated flicks
What they love: water activities, reading historical romance novels, watching cartoons and playing competitive video games with her friends. Her family, the ocean, and good music with a catchy beat.
What they hate: Tomatoes, large cut garlic, mathematics. country music, excessive gore in movies
Family: Francisco Lopez (father, estranged); Brandon Haley (step-father); Faye Hayley (mother); Rebecca Cleveland(grandmother, mothers side)
Pets: Henry(labrodor retriever mutt); Beau "Bo"(husky-german shepherd mix)
Friends: Crystal Animamates (names pending); Elice Larron(best friend); James Stamford(best friend); Sophie Moore(best friend); Nemu Takara (new friend, close); Ace Boman (new friend, close)
Lovers: Anthony Faulkner(current boyfriend)
Enemies: unkown

Backstory: Ava is the only child from herm others previous marriage and currently the only child of Brandon Haley and her mother, Faye Haley. She grew up somewhat seperate from other children, having a bigger imagination than others so that it came between herself and making new friends. As she got older she learned to contain her imagination and was able to make more friends. After being accepted to the University of Maine, she asked her mother what she should major in - veterinary or marine biology and, after taking a trip with her family to a whale watching comapny and falling in love with the way the huge animals moved with such grace, she chose to pursue a course that would bring her closer to them. She is now studying Marine Biology and frequents the whale watching organizations on the weekends or school breaks.
When her mother first left her biological father, Ava was young (4-5) and she just recalls a lot of loud arguments between her parents and sour, ill looks between them. Faye chose to divorce Francisco before any harm fell onto her daughter and remarried after a year to Brandon Haley, a computer technician working with a couple of big name brans and specializing in helping small-time business getting up and running. Faye herself is an RN currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary school.

When Ava IS at home, she's usually on the internet talking to driends and dallying in a small art hobby. She likes to entertain the idea of doing illustrative informational books about whales for younger children and often gives small gifts of this variety to younger family members, or her parents to get a small break from their own work once they're at home. Her mother instilled a sense of creativity in Ava when she was young and even partakes of making small home decorative crafts when they have the time to visit a crafting store.

About the Sailor Senshi
What they represent:Agate(crystal) and Orca Whale(animal)
Colors: Black(main color), tangeloish grey (secondary color), white
Henshin / Transformation Phrase: "Agate Acension, Ripple Effect!"
Description of their Sailor uniform:
Animal companions / guardians:
How they became a Sailor Senshi:
Current purpose as a Senshi: Sailor Agate Orca is trying to get to know her teammates.
Struggles they must overcome: Sailor Agate Orca needs to learn what it means to let someone help her get through her problems, and they she doesn't have to isolate that part of herself.
Other Senshi & groups they affiliate with: Crystal Animamate
How your character relates to Sailor Moon canon: She wants to do the right thing and help people when they need it. She hates seeing people wish harm to themselves and tries to subtley help them feel as though such drastic measures are not needed.

Role in Battle: Mage
Combat Training / Experience: Sailor Agate Orca has limited experience. Her step-father has enrolled her in a self-defense class seeing as she won't always be able to call for help and they have been starting to show.
Physical Strengths: Sailor Agate Orca has more stamina than strength, but can push herself when absolutely necessary. Her legs are her most powerful weapons. She also uses her entire body as a wrecking ball when times call for it. (like getting through a crowd on campus.
Physical Weaknesses: Sailor Agate Orca has poor upper body strength, seeing as most of her muscle strength is in her legs.
Magical Strengths: Sailor Agate Orca uses magic in battle. She has more offensive attacks then defensive.
Magical Weaknesses: Sailor Agate Orca uses primarily offensive attacks so her defense is practically nonexistent.
Element: Ocean, Light, Sound.
Taboo: None, at this time
Other Abilities: She can hold her breath a bit longer than some people and, once her powers are awoken, gains better physical strength. As Sailor Agate Orca, she can hold her breath even longer and not suffer too much of deep-diving effects. She can also withstand colder temperatures in this form.

"Deep Sight!" - Shining Sailor Agate Orca recites these words while placing her index and middle fingers together on either of her temples whilst closing her eyes to allow her to get a better idea of which decisions she must make. It does NOT allow her to see into the future like a crystal ball, it merely allows her to mentally feel out which path she must chose for the best outcome or the worst outcome. Depending on her power, this ability has the potential to become stronger or stay the same. It also helps her focus.

"Agate Anchor!" - Shining Sailor Agate Orca shouts this phrase while slapping her left hand around her right wrist,causing light to gather under her grip. She quickly sweeps her left hand out in front of her, back towards the left while her right arm sweeps back to the right. While this is done, a shimmering rope of light appears, originating from her right wrist, where it appears to still be connected, and it forms into agate chain links. The light starts gathering in a large, bulbous shape at the end before forming into a weight of some kind, usually the traditional image of an anchor, and hits the ground hard. She can use this by swinging it through the air to wipe out multiple enemies or use it as an actual anchor. This attack subsequently works better the stronger her upper body is while helping develop those muscles, too.

Henshin / Transformation Item: Agate Necklace
Magical Wands: none
Weapons: Anchor made of agate gem
Armor: standard
Technology: none
Other Items: none

Senshi Forms
Shining Sailor Agate Orca: Description coming soon
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