Shiori Picture

Basic Information

Name: Shiori

Gender: Female
Attracted to: Males

Age: 3 years old

Rank: Member of the Kamares Council


Wise || Patient || Calculating || Diplomatic || Indifferent || Traditional

Corsac Fox
Eyes: Amber


Cubhood - Early Adulthood
- Born to Saito and Hiroji, wealthy aristocratic members of the Council.
- She was introduced at a young age to other children of the Council and befriended Rin.
- She was engaged by her parents to Kenta when she was seven moons old and she accepted the decision.
- After she became an adult she fulfilled her parents wishes and became mates with Kenta.

- Began studying the gods and the mythology of Kamares.
- After her father's death she took his place on the Council.
- She and Kenta have a son they call Tetsuo.
- There are plans between her and Rin to have Tetsuo one day engaged to one of her daughters.


Mate & Kits
Mate: Kenta
Cubs: Tetsuo

Immediate Family
Father: Hiroji
Mother: Saito
Littermates: None

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