'Star Origins' Antagonists Picture

This took HOURS to put together...I'm so glad I'm posting it up now! @[email protected]; *falls down*

I made another self-explanatory title. Those who know about my "Star Origins" manga already know the 12 main characters, so who exactly are these people? They're the enemies of the Zodiac Guardians, nicknamed the Asteroid Warriors.

From left to right: Warrior Ceres, Warrior Pallas, Warrior Juno, and Warrior Vesta. *not to be confused with the 4 girls from Sailor Moon with the same names* These 4 DO have real human names, but I won't tell you them until later. XD

These 4 are based on the mythological figures they're named after, with a few modifications of my own. I have no favorite as of now, but the one I'm most satisfied with designing is Pallas. This is actually the 2nd time I've drawn her. Ain't she cute?
You should see the original designs for them, back when I drew them 3 years ago. YIKES. They were kinda tacky. But they look much better now.
...I just realized that Vesta is the only one without a weapon in his hands. He's just...standing there. Lame.
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