Sleipnir Battlecard Picture

This is my blitzle, Sleipnir~ He'll be taking Echo's spot on Pokeplatform.

Name: He goes by Sleipnir, and refuses to tell anyone his real name.

Age: 20

Blood Type: AB+

Birthday: October 30

Team: Joy

Personality: He's slightly paranoid and OCD, but not to the point of annoyance. You can tell he's gay as the fourth of July, but if anyone talks to him about it he'll deny it vehemently. He has a tiny tail, but covers it with that huge overcoat because he wants to look as normal as possible, which is hard to do when his hair is like that. He has a flair for clothes, and doesn't like people who don't dress properly. He doesn't like for people to know much about him, and only his true friends learn his real name. If you mention the words Frau Blucher to him, he'll freak out. Bernard is his business associate, but no one really knows what exactly they do. He's also a compulsive liar. Electricity discharges from him when he lies, as well as when he's around electrical appliances. In short, he's a slightly neurotic, shallow, condescending zebra with a lying streak.

Likes: Sweater vests, neat things, people who aren't nosy, people who know how to dress, rubbery things, full moons, and star-gazing.

Dislikes: Being called gay, sloppy or messy living spaces, dirt, rain, and electrical appliances.

I dunno if this'll be his final design. I might tweak it.

But yeah guys tell me what you think! And I'll take suggestions for stuff. He doesn't look much like a Blitzle, but then again, Echo never really looked much like a Ralts. So yeah.

Feedback pleeeaaaaaase.

Oh yeah Sleipnir is mine, and Blitzle is Gamefreak's.

By the way, I've had an obsession with naming things after characters in Norse mythology, eheheh... And the fact that he looks like he's wearing Loki's overcoat from the movie Thor really doesn't help much.
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