Sailor Ma'at Picture

Name: Layla Urbi
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Green
Bio: Layla was a bright child growing up, she always smiled and was very sound in what was right and what was wrong. She helped anyone who came to for advice in different situations where being right or wrong made huge differences, such as helping businessmen with legal decisions and trading agreements. Most of her time was spent helping with court cases to see if the accused where truly innocent or were never going to reform in their lives. For her ability to see into one's heart she was given the power to become Sailor Ma'at: Goddess of Truth and Justice.

This is the fifth Egyptian Sailor Senshi I've made via [link]

She's based on the goddess Ma'at of Egyptian mythology.

Update: I've updated the Senshi to fit my view of a more Egyptian style: cool to help with the heat(no stockings), and less frills and bows. Plus I've changed this color scheme.
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