Dragons at War Picture

What’s this, a European Mythological Dragon Duking it out with a Asian Mythological Dragon! This is another aspect of Yakamo that I find unique. You have the Dragons of Mortal kind and the Dragons of Spiritual kind. A dragon of Mortal kind is distinguished by not having the gift of wingless flight. They must use wings to fly and their power is not of spiritual but of magic. The Mortal Dragons are not everlasting like the spiritual and only live for 2000 to 3000 years. The entire Heiwa War was started when Gothros a Dragon of Mortal-kind used magic to kill Heiwa, Dragon of Dragons. Even though Gothros died in his efforts to free the mortal Dragons from bondage, it started a war that pit the spirit world against the mortal world. This war lasted for five thousand years, and was ended when the humans summoned divine intervention. Legend states that the gods rained fire from the heavens for six years. The Mages that were allied with the mortal dragons attempted to open a gate way to the spirit world and destroy it for ever. The gods sent their final punishment in the form sending eight of the ten moons of Yakamo crashing down against it. The Mortals that allied with the Dragons of their kind were banished to the Northern lands a land of barren waste and darkness. Of course all of Yakamo was in the dark for 1000 years before normalcy came to the world

The fight you see here is of more recent times, this is Itsumademo vs. Samuel, both are Dragons of the Fire, when Dragons wage combat its can decimate hundreds of miles of land. In this case, the Kashiwa Forest burns majestically around the beasts of beasts. Itsumademo has the upper hand and will win. Samuel flies battered and broken back to the northern lands. The humans and Erufu of Fyoto are left with nearly half of each of their lands in ruins, a small price to pay, luckily the battle did not reach any major town or village or the death toll would be in the hundreds. Dragons of Fire both mortal and spiritual have no care for the smaller folk around them However they are the few that are like this.
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