My Persona and Myself Picture

It's my Persona! Her name is Tamayori-bime. Yes, that is why I was asking all about Japanese Mythology.
Name: Tamayori-bime
Arcana: Fool
Current level: 28
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Wind
Stats: None at the moment...
Dekaja Media
Tarukaja Agi
Patra Maragi

FINALLY. My 100th deviation!!
Ahh, it feels good having this out of the way. I hope you all like it :3 Thanks to my 80 something watchers, cause you guys are the reason I have 100 deviations.

Now, you might be wondering, "Why is she wearing a Yasogami uniform and has an Evoker?" Well, that's the thing. I lived in Port Island Station, then moved to Inaba, but I kept my Persona from Port Island.
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