Bakunawa Emblem Picture

...Lazy background is lazy.....

Long story short is that I've created a class for a NPC in a videogame, then after thinking too much about it I made a symbol for the class.
And I became very, very proud of the symbol I made, so I decided to go and color it. Instant love!

It's supposed to look like a night sky over an ocean covering the fire of the day and bringing rest....It's also supposed to look like a red-finned dragon eating the moon. If you look, I put something in to represent some typical game elements (fire, water, light, dark).

I tried to make it look like stained glass~~

Anyway, the Bakunawa is a sea dragon in Philippine mythology who eats moons! So far, he's eaten 6 of them, and eclipses are caused when he tries to eat the 7th.
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