East of the Sun Picture

This was my final entry for Roogna's pony design contest. Since it had to draw on magic and mythology for the basis, I based the design for the whole picture off of the fairytale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon"...which I desperately need to reread. *makes the "it's been HOW many years?" face*

After some debate, I decided that I'd design a baby pony since the first prize was an actual custom of the design out of a Dollar General fakie. That way, you know, on the off chance I won, it would translate easily. This picture only shows his (I think it's a he...still debating) left side. His right is the polar bear with a simple, blue circle moon and a blue eye. Me and my mismatched eyes.

I swore I wouldn't post it until after the contest was over, then completely forgot about it after the results were posted...

I think I was still in too much shock over winning. *blinku. blinku. much blinku*
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