Jasy el travieso Picture

Jasy Jatere (meaning "little piece of the moon") is a mythological being from Guarani Mythology. Described as a child or adolescent with blond hair and pale skin, he gets his magical powers from the golden staff he bears. As the guardian of the "siesta" (the time between mid-day and afternoon), he wanders through the countryside villages looking for children who are disobediently not taking the traditional mid-day nap. When he founds them, he bewitches them with a gentle whistle or by showing them his magical staff. Some versions of the tale say that once under his spell, they're taken to the woods to play and be fed with honey and fruits. Other, more gruesome versions of the tale, tell us that children are taken to Ao-Ao (one of Jasy Jatere's monstrous brothers, a sheep-like creature) who unmercifully devours them.

The drawing above accounts for more personal, pop-culture influenced and urban version of the myth. The traditional Jasy Jatere wears no clothes. Also, he did not turn his magical staff into a slingshot
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