Flandre Scarlet Picture

U . N . O w e n w a s h e r ?

I threw the silver
Teaspoon against the wall

For 495 years in the scarlet Mansion lived a little girl who played with dolls.
The dolls never sang to her when requested them to.
The dolls never played with her When she requested them to.
An ominous light shines through the window, lighting the human pastries on the table. She sat all alone in the basement, her red tea slowly becoming colder. Just like the dolls.

Outside the window the red mist quickly spreads, the wings of Scarlet devil becoming too unclear to see. Outside Hong Meiling fights. Soon the mist disappeared. Someone entered the mansion. A human witch it was. The little girl had never seen a human before, save for her pastries. The little girl played with the witch, but the little girl lost the game. Even Lævateinn could not help it. They quoted lines together afterwards. The book was called 'and then there were none'.

U.N. Owen killed them all.

An ominous light shines through the window, lighting the human pastries on the table.The little girl opened the door of the basement, fled through the halls and the library and ended up outside.

Drop drop drop.

A rainstorm was brewing.

Drop drop drop, the rain fell and the little girl fled back inside. She was afraid of the falling water, maybe it would become falling spears. The rain subsided outside the window while she slept in the basement.

Pache has been silent lately.

An ominous light shines through the window, lighting the human pastries on the table. The tea is cold and no new tea is served.

The ominous light shines through the window again. Lighting the human pastries on the table again. The light is brighter now. A meteor is falling. The little girl flees outside. The meteor exploded



That's how it went she explains to the reporter. Such a strange person. Why would you be afraid of a meteor? I'd be more afraid of rain. The explanation is not good enough. There are eyes on everything. I move these eyes. Squeeze, boom.

An ominous light shines through the window, lighting the human pastries on the table. A party in the Scarlet Mansion is being held. The little girl chases two lost souls in the empty dark corridors but they flee through a door to where the other people are. The party is now two months ago.

Big sister hasn't been in the mansion lately. Why would that be?

I will ask Pache. Pache is not in the library. Why would that be?

The witch is back. I grabbed Lævateinn. Let's play again.

We sang. We played dolls afterwards. I served the witch orange marmalade tea. She did not like the tea.

I threw the silver
Teaspoon against the wall.

Fanart of my favorite Touhou character Flandre Scarlet and a little story based on the information about her and a song based on her stage theme to which I will give you the link later. Also, the throwing of the silver teaspoons is a part of the lyrics in that song. And yes, for those who pay attention in Norse mythology class Lævateinn is referring to the sword that Surt in Norse mythology uses during Ragnarok.

For the story I thought it'd be nice if Flandre was calling most other characters by nicknames, as if she were close with them, but rather interacts seldom with them. I also liked the idea of Flandre slowly becoming slightly less insane, as her interaction with the outside world grows she starts to use more first person sentences. She still interprets things in a different way than other though and she still destroys things accidentally.


[SWEETS TIME] Explanation and lyrics

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