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EDIT: Her app art is a WIP. If accepted im totally making it much prettier aaa

"You have enemies?
good. that means you
stood up for something
Sometime in your life."
-Winston Churchille

◎ ☽ Elysia ☾ ◎


{ I d e n t i t y :
  • Name| Elysia (Ἠλύσια): From Greek Elysion, the name of the heavenly fields of Elysia, a section of the Underworld mentioned in Greek mythology. The mythological place name may have evolved from the designation of a place, or person, struck by lightning (enelysion, enelysios); if so, the name means "lightning-struck."
    Sobriquet| Ellie or Sia,
  • Age| Young adult. Born in autumn.
  • Appearance| A sleek female, long legged and silky furred. Her fur color ranges in dark values, textured slightly curly. She bears well sized scars on her left rear. Noticeably feminine , fluffy neckfur and curled cheekfur, all around slim featured.
  • Voice actor: The singer Birdy
  • Weight| 129' , Height| 36' , Pelt Status| Clean.
  • Gender| Female.
  • Sexuality| Heterosexual. {Attracted to the opposite sex, in this case males.}
    Status| Not actively seeking a partner.
    Physical Preferences| Strong, thick furred,
    Personality Preferences| Sarcastic - Similar Mindset - Loyal
  • kin| None.

{ A l l e g i a n c e ;
  • Pack| Ragnar.
  • Rank| Delta Scout.
{ R e l a t i o n s ;
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