Atargatis Mermaid Necklace Picture

Our first mermaid came from Assyria. Ancient Assyrians worshiped Atargatis, a powerful moon and fertility goddess, and associated her with life-giving water.
Mythology connects both the moon and the water with the dark, mysterious, and ever changing nature of women.

According to her legend, Atargatis was a Goddess whom fell in love with a human, a shepherd. She accidentally killed her lover and the distraught Goddess threw herself into a lake. The water could not hide her otherworldly beauty, and so she became a mermaid.

Atargatis was a fresh water mermaid and so the markings on her fin like inner labia match those of a beautiful white and blue fresh-water fish. They are sculpted in a very pale yellow and mottled with vivid teal and a smoky silver. Her outer labia are sculpted in a pure white set with scales.

• Strung on a very long 33″ soldered gunmetal chain
• Vulva pendant size: 1.9″ x 1
• Embellished with a spiral shell, glass cathedreal bead and a vegan glass pearl

The model for this piece is Momoko.

Never made with a mold. Each Vulva pendant is the hand-sculpted clay original. We prefer clay to resin for its fleshy look and texture.

“A mermaid’s comb is more than just an object with which to brush her long, flowing hair: In the Greek language the words for comb- kteis and pectin- also mean Vulva. ”
~Skye Alexander, Mermaids: The Myths, Legends & Lore
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