Brutal Nouveau Picture

This was drawn, originally for the pixel art format, for Jakten over at the Way of the Pixel forums as a secret santa present.

His present requests were:
The 80s. | Spacemen. (or sci-fi in general) | Heavy Metal (the music). | Avant-garde. | Art nouveau. | Mythological creatures. (specifically norse mythology) | Surrealism.

The character that this picture focuses on is a sort of parodied version of the 'mascot' thing they use for Iron Maiden. I wanted to create a brutal heavy metal landscape portrayed in nouveau-esque brightly muted tones to make it as silly as possible.

I felt I was unable to portray the image I had in my head in the pixel format as well as I had wanted. Then I saw that there was a Dark Xmas Art Nouveau Mini-Contest going on so I took the opportunity to rework it. And with a more interesting frame, thanks to inspyretash-stock's piece, Border Art Nouveau 19, which I used to base the frame's line art off of.
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