Emperor Yokai Picture

I've been thinking about doing a short storyline about where my OC Dreamy Moon came from, and instantly I wanted to do a villain for that story. So please allow me to introduce his Royal Highness, Emperor Yokai!

Asian mythology don't really have much in the way of peggesi or alicorns, but I "thought why the hell not?" So I kind of made one up.

Emperor Yokai is the former ruler of the Islands of Japony, and he was a ruthless ruler who extorted his subject to feed his own vanity and pride. He was overthrown by his own son Prince Ki over a millenia ago, and since Prince Ki's rule, the Islands of Japony and it's former ruler have vanished with little explanation why...

(Yes, yes I know this sounds a lot like the Crystal Empire storyline but I needed some kind of explanation as to why Kirin aren't in the show or even heard of)

One thing I really wanted to do on him is inverted eyes, and I think they give him an extra creepy factor
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