The ButtButt Galaxy Picture

The Void-
Large unspecified nor identafiyable mass. No normal species or star is able to pass through. Houses blackholes, dying stars, and clusters of black fog. Not much is known. The most popular "planet" of this mass is "The End", which rests above the most passive Blackhole in the Void. Some parts of this mass may look like the Northern Lights.
The End- Home to a species called the Endermen, used to be known as FarLanders. They originally came from Overworld. Over a long time they have developed how to teleport from planet to planet, to the point they broke a barrier and discovered the void and a collection of planets. From there they built a civilization with a Queen and King, of whom who is sought out by other species to be killed. In lost mythology that can be rediscovered with ease, they used to believe that the void was once a bright, large star that one day died, thus creating the galaxy. In other mythology they used to believe that the void hosts the souls of the dead.
>>Below The End, there is a illusion that is thought to be the symbol of the Endermen and a "sign" of other gods and goddesses existing. The light that culminates it is sometimes absorbed by the blackhole, but it gets replenished by unknown sources.

The Sun-
Large star that provides heat and light to the Nether, Aether, and Overworld. The void, Overworld, Nether and Aether all orbit and rotate around it. It is unknown when It'll die.

The most hip and up to date planet. It only consisted of Humans and Vampires before, until the rare use of portals allowed Demons and Angels to find the Overworld was the best suitable habitat for every one of their species. It has two massive land masses covering it, and a single moon orbiting it.

The only Gassy Giant in the galaxy known. It has a small core that is a mixture of hot and cold, above it an ocean of some sort of liquid that is heated by the core. The liquid, when in it's gas form, is dense enough to make it so that angels are able to walk on it. It houses 3 moons, all of which that absorb enough light so that most of the time there is light. The planet is cold, barely even being heated, but is also surprisingly bright. It takes 3 days for night to come, and when it comes along, it lasts for three days. The first and third day of night is strangely bright.

The hottest, roughest, and strangest planet of them all. The Nether is home to strange species, but 99.9% live inside of the planet due to being unable to bear the heatwaves and temperature. Species that live within it include the Nether variation of Lava Goo, Magma Cubes, Blazes, Nether Sprites, and Demons. Water swiftly dries up and disappears. Sometimes, the planet may end up cracking open because of the heat and cause lava floods on the inside, but it is easily fixed by the "Outer Race">

Transportation between the planets for Overworlders
A long time ago, humans found out about alchemy and a type of magic that allows one to create a portal. The strongest type of portal that can be made can no longer be created due to it requiring magic, and only three exist through out the Overworld deep into the crust. These portals were created by a irregular pairing; humans and Endermen. Together, they created strongholds that hosts them unpowered. Over the years, all of the strongholds have been destroyed, and the once activated portals have been shut down. The other two kinds are the most common and can still be created. These portals may take you to either the Aether or the Nether.

Detail View of Nether
Detail View of Aether
Detail View of Overworld
Detail View of The End

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