Eden of Cosmos Picture

Bust Commission for Parue on Gaiaonline.

Eden, Knight of Cosmos from the Shop In The Name Of The Moon. A Sailormoon OC shop, also known as ItNotM.

Knights are not senshi. Senshi draw their powers from their Starseed, which is linked to their celestial object, be it a star, a planet, an asteroid, ect. And while they might have items of power, they channel their magic mostly through their bodies. Knights draw their magical powers from a Mythological or Ancient site of Power, and are further more linked to a particular royal house through a vow of service. They also channel their magic through an Item, and not their bodies. This particular knight draws her power from the Garden of Eden, and is sworn into the service of Sailor Cosmos. Her magical item of power is a candle lantern.
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