Crown Prince Thor - specialist uniform Picture


I completly changed him but I'm quite sure that I like him better that way. At first I love his new hairstyle. Still simple and a little longer but wavy. It fits his personality better. I draw this from a picture I found on google. I think it was one of Riven or Sky but I can't remember. If you find it, just tell me, so I can link it back as reference picture. I also want so say thank you to *CarmellaEnchanted because I simply adore her style of drawing and from know on I will draw my specialist's eyes like she does because it looks so much better ^^


Finally I started my newest project. A long time ago I was thinking of a warrior fairy. Now, I will start to draw everything for her. You have to know that her planet should be like the ancient north when the Norseman ruled it. Because of all of the people from her home planet will have names from the northern mythology.

The kingdom of Jorrvaskr is ruled by King Wotan and his wife Queen Frigg. All together they have nine children while Thor is the first born son – just ten minutes older than his twin brother Loki. I don’t really like blonde guys but most of the people of Jorrvaskr have blonde hair. He also got ice blue eyes and is extremely well trained. Thor is crown prince and will be king after his parents. When he was about three years old his parents arranged a marriage for him – a high born girl that grew up on one of the moons of Jorrvaskr. At Red Fountain the girls really admire and adore him because of his strength. He’s nearly the strongest specialist at school but on the other hand he isn’t that clever. People use to say that Loki got the brain while Thor got the power. Nevertheless his parents are very proud of her son and people say that he is his father’s favourite son. If you have questions – just ask. By the way – his weapon was a war hammer at first but at Red Fountain the decided that the risk to hurt other students accidently was too high. Because of that he chose a double-bladed broadsword. Now his short bio:

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