My Little Slepinir Picture

Slepinir (sleep-ner) is an 8-legged horse from the Norse mythology (same as Thor and Loki). He is the fastest creature on land, can run atop water, and fly without wings. I wondered what Slepinir would look like as a My Little Pony.

The legend of Slepinir goes somewhat like this; A giant said that he could help rebuild part of a wall around Asgard that had fallen. The greedy giant said he could finish the work in just a few months but, he wanted the sun, moon, and the goddess Freya's hand in marriage in exchange for the work. The giant used the help of a strong horse named Svadilfari to rebuild the wall. The gods did not want to part with the sun or moon, and Freya did not want to get married. So Loki, the god of mischief, disguised himself as a beautiful girl horse and got together with Svadilfari. Then TA-DA!! Slepinir was born.
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