Alrrujami, Collector of Souls Picture

Believe it or not, monsters exist. Some hide in your closet, others hide under your bed, but THIS ONE follows you everywhere you go if you're a Brony or Pegasister or even an Ex-Brony or Ex-Pegasister.

This Nightterror more terrifying than Nightmare Moon first came into existance before Equestria existed, the days when the Republic of Terra, Unicornia and Pegasopolis were against each other and the Windigos fed off of their strife. Alrrujami was born of hatred and intolerance and bred between the fires of Tartaurus and the ice of the Windigos, which mixed together into a void of infinite darkness that re-shaped itself into a demon Alicorn lord capable of ending a living beings life and collecting its soul. Only by coming together as one civilization and lighting the original Hearth's Warming torch did they not only drive away the Windigos but also Alrrujami, whom from that moment onwards was remembered for his short-lived terror spree and faded into Equestrian Mythology.

When his feast of souls ended in Equestria, he began a new one on Earth (our world). Alrrujami easily made a living collecting the souls of human beings in ancient times when death was a more common occurance but as time passed, humanity became more civilized and intelligent. Alrrujami could barely make a living colecting the souls of those lives lost to health problems and killings but when he found out that the Equestrians' influence had made it to this world he had a new plan. This plan was to collect the souls of people who lost interest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and take them even if their time to die isn't yet. Now Alrrujami is taking the souls of ex-Bronies and Ex-Pegasisters setting up convoluted plans with whatever he can find around his prey to end their lives and take their souls.

No-one knows for sure why he's targeting former Bronies and Pegasisters, some say it could be because not everyone who watches and enjoys the show takes it's messages seriously and the fandom is divided like Pre-Equestria once was thus giving him a sense of nostalgia. Others beleive people who are so invested in My Little Pony make OC's or Ponysonas based on themselves who put bits and pieces of their souls into these fictional characters, giving Alrrujami the perfect opportunity to seek his next prey when someone throws away their OC or Ponysona like one of their old toys. If this is the case even in the worst of times we must come together as a fandom (even if some of us aren't as active in it anymore) and light our own torch of harmony to send Alrrujami away for good.
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