Nocturnis, the Dark Lord of Darkness Picture

Well, here he is, everyone. My original character: Nocturnis. the Deliverer of Darkness, the Emperor of Evil, the Ruler of Wrath, and the Lord of Evil itself. Beware: spoilers.

First there was darkness within the world, then came light.

Long ago in the vastness of space, a great, formless evil arose. Before it could do harm to the universe, it was set upon by the three prime deities of the Falcon, the Horse, and the Elephant mythologies: the All Father, the Sun God, and the Supreme Soul. During the battle, the deities' assault was fierce, and despite the entity's attempts to resist, it was almost entirely destroyed, save for a single piece flung from the whole. This fragment drifted through space for untold time, until it eventually crashed to Equestria during the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era. It is implied that this crash is the event that caused the extinction of the none-avian dinosaurs. The fragment developed over eons into an ominous forest of black spikes that devoured any who or what dared enter. Eventually the forest grew so large that it nearly threatened Canterlot, and so Princess Amore requested Starswirl the Bearded to kill the evil at its source. Armed with a magic oil he created to strengthen his magic, Starswirl and the princess’s cavalry rode into the heart of the forest. Once at the black lake in the forest's center, the wizard doused an arrow into the oil he had made, firing it into the black lake. Unexpectedly, the oil's magic did not destroy the evil, but had the unforeseen effect of galvanising the evil into a demonic deer-like form, giving it sentience and shape-shifting abilities, and thus giving birth to the demon wizard, Nocturnis.

Nocturnis easily defeated Starswirl and the army, trapping him to the side of the tree from which Nocturnis spawned in order to watch as the Dark Lord sought out to destroy Canterlot and all of Equestria afterwards. The Three Deities, sensing the good in Starswirl, summoned him to a secret place. Taking the good inside him, they forged the energies and theirs to create a mighty crystal tree deep within the Ever Free Forest, creating the Elements of Harmony: six elements that would be capable of harming Nocturnis. Armed with the elements and a magical suit of armor, Starswirl plunged into battle against Nocturnis. In the end, Starswirl was victorious, but he was unable to destroy the demon, and so instead sealed him into the devastated wasteland. As he was sealed away, Nocturnis vowed he would one day return. Shortly after, the Princess Amore gave birth to two daughters: Celestia and Luna. Determined to learn from the catastrophe, and aware that Nocturnis may indeed one day return, Starswirl and the Princesses determined on creating a plan, and thus orchestrated the events that would set Twilight and the five on the path to becoming the Guardians of Harmony, thus to defeat Nocturnis once and for all.

During a solar eclipse, and with the use of the Element of Magic, stolen by Nightmare Moon, the tree form that Nocturnis was imprisoned in appeared in the realm of Earth, and dissolved releasing Nocturnis.


Nocturnis is evil incarnate; he embodies the very essence of an evil overlord. Cruel and domineering to all he meets, it's obey or be obliterated with Nocturnis. Arrogant and sadistic by default, and does not take kindly to disobedience. Although he is merciless and inhumane, to say the least, he has enough of an understanding of humanity to manipulate their feelings to his advantage. This is how he manipulated Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon.

Nocturnis is as intelligent as he is powerful, and his cunning knows little end, from taking the form of a cute boy to trick either Rarity or Twilight, or manipulating various races into serving him. He has no remorse whatsoever about telling someone he will save their village if they obey his command, only to destroy said village as soon as he gets what he wants.

Despite this, he possesses a dry sense of humor and often jokes when in a good mood, frequently mocking everyone, including the Mane 6, whenever he can and whatever he can. For instance, in one episode Nocturnis holds something important to the girls, just out of their reach as Rainbow Jack flies or jumps for it.

He is also a bit crazy, stating that he'll devourthe bowels of his enemies.

Voice Actor: Corey Burton
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