Lelix Picture

The Forgotten Gods - ORDER

In the Mythology of the Forgotten Gods of Ul-Zaorith, Lelix was the daughter of Bacha and mother of Drehnd. Along with her sister, Pranda, Lelix represents the two polarities of existence - Chaos and Order. There is no copassion in Lelix, no exception to the rules. All is rigid, unchanging, stable, necessary, stagnant and sterile. All that is irrelevant is stripped away, leaving behind only the purest form of the essence. It is no surprise that later incarnations of Lelix associated her with science and made her a Goddess of Machines. Like all the Forgotten Gods, Lelix has no care or concern for the goings on of mortals or the events of the world, but Lelix especially was known for her unapproachability. She could not be swayed, bribed, incensed or moved. Her patterns are everything. The mathematics of nature are her blood vessels and nerves, the rhythmic turning of the planet and constant phases of the moons are her heartbeat. The fact that life goes on is the soul alive in Lelix.

Media: 9x9 canvas, acrylic paint (white, blue, yellow, black; all hues self-mixed), computer paper.

This piece will be on sale at the Art Show for $75. (If bought together with Pranda, deal price is $120; if the entire 5 set is purchased, deal price of $260)
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