Ra and Iah Picture

Sketch of my lovely twins Ra and Iah, hurrah (Ra on the left, Iah on the right). They have nothing to do with Egyptian mythology or Egyptian anything; I just liked the named for them. XP In fact, I don't even know what (if any; they might just be random characters that float in my head, storyless) world they live in.

The sun and moon designs on their shirts are just a random thing I did because of their names, which mean sun and moon in Egyptian.

They're around 15 or 16, by the way. Ra looks oddly mature; he's actually supposed to look somewhat childish. Very gentle and calm though, always very calm. There's a reason for that, but I'm not going to get into it now.

Iah's right leg is at an odd angle, too. DX Oh well. I didn't feel like fixing it. I love his shirt, though. Reminds me of Kurogane. XD Actually, I think it's his head...thing, whatever it is... in shirt form.
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