WIDDMoSnCiT Part 1 Picture

If you're wondering what that really really really long short-form stands for, it means "Why I Don't Draw Mythological or Supernatural Creatures in Traditional"
See... It's much shorter XD

If my drawings were really off and you can't tell what these things are (or if you just wanted to read the rest of the description, go you), here's from left to right:
+ Dragon and Dragon Egg
+ Chimera
+ Flying Whale by the name of McFloatson that creates clouds while it floats around during night time and eats falling stars as it's main meal... oh yeah, it also drinks moon rays :'D

No, McFloatson isn't officially a mythological or supernatural creature but I thought it was cool to add to this thing since it's in Dream Journals and At What Lengths... And possibly other stories due to my lack of creativity.

© catine27
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