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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter VII: The moon turns into an abyss

“Bendis… ye… ARGHH… NOT NOW! BENDIS, RUN! I CAN’T CONTROL IT, THE BEAST IS COMING OUT, RUN!” were the last words from the werewolf’s mind, however Bendis couldn’t get up and stand. She couldn’t run. She wanted to understand what was going on. Try to get into the depths of her brain, her memories…

Then she started to remember as the man tried to fight the wolf within. Bendis was the goddess of the moon, forests and magic. But how did she have her name? She wasn’t a goddess. She just knew she wasn’t. It couldn’t be possible… She looking deep into her memories, she could now feel the love felt by Alexandru now… She really loved him… Then, her name was really Bendis…

The man couldn’t fight any longer and the wolf came to control the body and the mind of the fallen Alexandru. The wolf released his anger and jumped over Bendis.

The claws hit her shoulders, the wolf scratched her arms until meat could be seen and then started to eat her chest, trying to reach her heart. Then she sent an image into the wolf’s mind. Her last whisper before she died… The message was “I do remember now Alexandru, I love you…”

The werewolf stopped and Alexandru came to take control of the body. All he could see now was the spirit lying there, on the ground… dead. He couldn’t believe he, himself killed his one true love.
With this he quickly stands up looking at her body. She didn’t move, he just kept walking back. He couldn’t stand it, so he ran.

The moon started to lose its light…


For those who didn't read my journal:

This tale happens in Romania. More specificably in Suceava And some of it's content has to do with Romanian culture and mythology. Of course some other stuff is pure imagination as I do not know if there's a forest near Suceava and all that but has Romania is well known for it's stories about vampires and werewolves I thought it was the best place for this story.

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