Hanging out Picture

This moonlit hangout for two schoolgirls won't last long as a shady winged creature (a Manananggal) nears their spot.

Watercolor illustration.

Note: a Manananggal is a creature of the Philippine lower mythology and folklore. It is an ordinary person by day but at night it rubs oil all over its body while reciting an incantation. Soon after it grows wings, fangs, and sharp nails; and the upper part of its body (from the waist up) separates from the lower half and flies off in search of human prey.

The Manananggal's favorite is unborn fetus. It would usually land on the roof of a house inhabited by a pregnant woman. It will then look for an opening in the roof and through it, the creature's tongue extends like a tube to pierce the pregnant victim's abdomen and extract the fetus.

It would also attack lone travelers or cling under the elevated house of a person suffering from tuberculosis and suck the voided phlegm.

Manananggal means "remover".
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