Aiu Picture

I am the Accursed. I love my Brother like he was a lover. Outraged by my feelings, my Mother, the Mother of Light, clawed my face away. I am the Faceless. I am then cursed never to see the face of the one I adore. O woe, woe, woe! Once I was the most beautiful. Now I am a poor reflection of my former self. I am one who robbed a man's body and ruled as a tyrant for a thousand years. For when I blame the Gods for my conditions, I blame the mortals for robbing my seeing the one I desire. I am the Black Dragon. I am the Prophet-King. I am the Necromancer. I am the Lord of Beasts. I am the Witch-King. I am the Brother-sister of the Sun and the Moon, of the Stars, the Comets, the Auroras and all celestial lights. I am the Shadows. I am Aiu.
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