Sugaar Picture

“Do de do do do do… ohhhh Honey Honey… do de do do do
You are my candy girl…”

Haha! That’s what went through my head when I came across this fellow in my big book of fantasy creatures.
Video: [link]
“In Basque folklore, Sugaar is the flying - but wingless - dragon who lives in underground caverns. It travels through the sky in the shape of a half-moon of fire.”

Well, my dragon may or may not be wingless (depends on how you look at it) but I based the creature design from ray’s, because they (especially the Manta Ray) are half moon shaped. Its also something different. At first the half-moon caused me to create a dragon with a Diplocaulus-like head engulfed in fire.
The woman on the cliff was inspired by Sugaar’s consort, whom I found out about while doing a Wiki-search.

Overall I really like how this turned out. … 4hrs 25mins…not bad.
Took awhile because I had an attack of the dreaded creative-block.
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