Ilmatar, veden emo Picture

My take on a character from Finnish mythology (even if I actually imagine her as something far more abstract and blue and see-through). I acted as her (along with several other roles) in a small play we did at school last spring! It was about how different things came to be according to the Finnish national epic Kalevala, and Ilmatar plays a role in shaping the world.

Originally there was just the sky and the sea and Ilmatar, spirit of the air, who flew in the skies. Eventually when she got tired of flying, she landed into water. Thus she became Veden emo, mother of water. When she swam in the sea, shoals, capes, sounds and other formations arose. Later a bird laid her eggs on her knee and when they broke, they became the moon and the sun and the stars.

Done with a few markers and many colored pencils. Heavily edited to make the colors stand out more.
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