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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter III: An Enlightened Road

As she falls to the ground she hears the howl of the wolf that turned the peace into violence and the forest into hell. She instantly fell asleep and started to leave the current world.
The spirit still tried to open her eyes but only to see a shade of a wolf-like creature. The darkness soon covered her vision.

Afterwards, visions started to flow from the dark and make some sense to the spirit’s mind. It is then that complete visions start to narrate a story of gods and holy places

There was a castle and a huge forest. It seemed she had been thrown into the medieval age as if in a magical way although she knew she was in the ground unconscious… The night was pure in that place and the moon enlightened a way through the forest that lead somewhere else unknown. The castle was in the other way.

The spirit followed the moonlit road.

While she walked, the forest seemed to move and form new figures, some of them would scare regular humans, but she knew that she was safe in the forest if trees were to be a threat.

Finally she found the end of the road, there was a well. It was an empty well. She looked down the well and so nothing but eternal darkness. She tried to look deeper and it was then she heard screaming behind her, deep in the forest. She ran, trying to follow the agonized voice.

Suddenly she felt liked being tearing apart and woke up, lying on the ground, back on the grave of Alexandru Lapusneanu


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For those who didn't read my journal:

This tale happens in Romania. More specificably in Suceava And some of it's content has to do with Romanian culture and mythology. Of course some other stuff is pure imagination as I do not know if there's a forest near Suceava and all that but has Romania is well known for it's stories about vampires and werewolves I thought it was the best place for this story.

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