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Watanabe [渡辺], Arata [新]
Nickname(s): n/a
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthday: August 1 Leo
Height: 5’4ft [163cm]
Weight: 129lbs [59kg]
Year: 1st
R/S Orientation: hes gay scoobs
Status: Single
Voice Claim: n/a

[POS]: creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous, gentle
[NEU]: athletic, emotional
[NEG]: arrogant, stubborn, lazy, inflexible, blunt, anxious, moody


Not surrounded by books an knowledge, but by beautiful scenery,
according to Arata, he desired to indulge more in the weather, the
sky, and the earth that he looked at so fondly.
His parents weren't fond of books, or really anything at all that
had to do with their child. However, that left time for Arata to study
or go to the library himself. Why would he study these things? Simply,
because he liked them. He loved how crystals would shine different
colours in the light, he loved how the fog made the town seem
Finally, the sky at night. The glimmering stars that seemed like
a dream, the ever changing moon. All these little details had kept
Arata's interest for years on end, beginning from the age of 7.
Frequently reading whatever books he could find on the subject,
reading them over and over again, during school, at home, anywhere.
He gained a sense of knowledge over a few select sciences.
And so, like a dream, it happened. It was almost surreal, the
change of heart that came from his parents. Maybe it was the old
age, or maybe they just wanted him out of their hands. Arata was
sent off to Kunitomo Academy. With sparkling eyes and a joyous
heart, he packed up a few belongings and left for the school he
dreamed of.

✦ Meteorology
✦ Astronomy
✦ Geochemistry

✔ fog
✔ piercings
✔ storms
✔ affection
✔ cute plasters
✔ volleyball
✔ being praised
✔ theatre
✔ unrefined crystals
✔ Stars

✘ mention of his birth gender
✘ being ignored
✘ facing reality
✘ not being praised after doing well
✘ dull colours
✘ underseasoned food
✘ most veggies
✘ neon colours
✘ cologne

★ [Offical Ref]
★ Post trans.
★ hard to corner him, he's quick to escape
★ not usually lively, and speaks in a relatively soft voice
★ has a collection of uncut crystals and the such !!
★ also owns a telescope
★ constantly doodling aliens and stars in his school notes,,,
★ you will always find him wandering around outside when it's foggy/rainy

HC OK! (Preferred)
Script and Lit OK!
Skype OK! (Preferred)
Discord, Notes, Comments OK! (Very slow replies)

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