The Calling Picture

This is a "vampire" poem.
May be it is not very clear because it's taken from my novel.
I have a whole bunch of different poems around the book - unpublished, though.
All of them were originally written in English.
My main character is German, but sometimes I was sitting and reflecting her thoughts and what she may want to say to her love who doesn't understand her language.
So my thoughts slipped out in English.
Not perfect, because English is not one of my working languages as a translator.

The novel is very nature related and the moon is important in my vampire mythology.
So, this one is about the full moon completing the vampire transition.

The picture was taken by me last year.
It is underexposed while the grid filter worked perfectly.
I never used it before, but I thought the colour change would be interesting.

More of my stuff is to come, but as I want to combine photography and poems, it'll take me some time to go through my material.
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