Sketch dump 49 Picture

Mostly Silmarillion fanart, and my own characters. I tried to sort them. Just for you. Maybe I should to thematic sketch dumps or something like that. Unfortunately, there’s always an odd one out…

Alright, beware of a wall of explanations. I’ll try to proceed from top to bottom and left to right, as far as possible.

Okay, let‘s start off with Silmarillion (and other) fan stuff:

-VERY small Maedhros. I discovered that tiny sketches save time on details and are an amazing lot of fun to do, so I might do that more often from now on.
-Classic Maglor with a harp that is a lyra (sorry for that, but harps are harder to draw).
-Thingol and Melian.
-Unbelievably messy sketch of Fingolfin and Feanor „making peace“… I imagine the scene to be the coldest hand shake that has ever been done in all the history of Middle-Earth… uhm no Aman… Arda… oh you know what I mean.
-Unfinished Balrog concept. I initially wanted it to be a flame with an ugly face and engulfed by formless darkness but as you can see, I didn’t get very far.
-Mini sketch of Menegroth. It’s hard not to steal from Alan Lee. I decided to make the entrance area look like the Organ at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. As usual, making things look like Irish landscape proved a good idea. Only problem: I don’t know yet what painting to use that for.
-Small Amrod and Amras. I have not the slightest idea who’s who.
-Not that small Beleg and Mablung, with some help by posemaniacs. Maybe that’s why it’s by far my favourite sketch on this page.
-A picori from The Minish Cap. I love those picori! I want one in my flat. And I told you there’s always an odd one out.
-Tiny Túrin at Ivrin. Real men cry if they friends die and such. Sniff.
-Moon Rover from Tolkien’s Roverandom. A children’s book which I can only recommend, by the way.
-Glaurung mini sketch.
-Idril, for the sole reason of playing with her hairstyle.

The rest of that page consists of original characters, mostly mine. Save the two bigger sketches in the bottom left corner: Gallas (the knight) belongs to [link] whereas you should already know my Lufienne by now (the freckled young lady). The elf with the headband is also his (I painted her before), the other elf with the harp (hey, I scribbled one) is mine again. Crazy alternative crossover universes are fun.

…That’s a lot of elves this time. I regret nothing.

Let me tell you by the way that the Silmarillion gets even more awesome if some years pass between your last and your current reading of it. I daresay I already noticed 90% of all mythological and literary references and motifs in it last time, but between the last time I read the book and now, I spent three years studying. Believe me people, you notice even more then. Hermeneutic circle and such. I would never have believed that to be possible, but now I love the Silmarillion even more than before (Prof. Tolkien, how could you ever have thought this should not be published?).
Half of the character deaths make my heart bleed and the overt catholicism will never cease to freak me out but that can’t quench my undying love for this book.
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