P.Jackson - Apollo and Artemis Picture

!UPDATE! Yeah, I thought the pure white rays of light were a bit over the top, so I made them look more like beams of light. It looks a lot better on Artemis' side, and Apollo's side looks less boring now.

Now this took a really long time....

After reading the entire Percy Jackson series, I just had to make an artwork of the two Archer Twins, Apollo and Artemis. The series is so awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on the Lost Hero! Although I'm a little disappointed that they are STILL using a male lead, I think it should be a girl for a change, right?

I know the description of Apollo's attire is a little bit different from what I have here, but I just can't picture anyone, let alone a handsome teenager wearing a white sleeveless tee without looking like some sort of inmate or redneck - so I gave Apollo a nice looking orange tee, pretty fitting for the "sun" god right?

For Artemis, I gave her a hunter uniform, silver jacket and all. But I gave her a "skort" instead of a skirt or shorts because, of course Artemis is really old and still kinda "lady-like", but a skort offers much more "utility" for hunting. She should've had a ponytail, but I much prefer braids, because it is easily seen.
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