Pastel's Machete (AKA La Ciguapa) Picture

The powerful and elegantly deadly machete of PastelProse! This beautiful blade is a machete Pastel bought from a Pega Rican farmer years ago, and then personalized it with to make it stand out. It's tempered Titanium Steel blade combines sheer size and brute force, with a razor sharpness capable of cutting through jungle growth, and flesh. As beautiful as it is deadly, this machete wears it's name, with pride and authority...

La Ciguapa...

For those who aren't well versed in the legends and mythologies of the world, La Ciguapa is a being from Dominican mythology. According to legends they often took the appearance of very beautiful women with blue skin and long hair, who would lure lost travelers (namely guys) and seduce them, only to kill them afterwards (#worst_date_ever), due to their backwards feet, they were also described to be near impossible to track...

Beautiful and deadly, just like it's namesake, what more could you want in a weapon?

With that said, on with the post!
Pastel: It's a beautiful night out here, moon's shining, lights add nice atmosphere, I'm glad I took this stroll, very relaxing...
Random Mugger: *Leaps out of an alley and pulls out knife* GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!
Pastel: Well, WAS relaxing. Look punk, WHY should I give a 2 bit thug like YOU my money?
Pastel: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, ummmmmm... *Pulls out La Ciguapa* HOW ABOUT NO! *Swings her machete at the thug, burying the blade in the side of his neck*
Random Mugger: IIIICCCCH... UCK... GAAH! *Coughs up blood*
Pastel: What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of your stupidity... *Bucks him off the blade and wipes it clean of blood* uuuugggggggggghhhhhhh, THIS is why I can't enjoy walks in this part of town at night!
-Pastel, dealing with a mugger in south central Ponyville

Weapon: La Ciguapa
Material: Jade glossed Titanium Steel, leather, Cobalt glossed Titanium Steel,
Blade length: 12 In.
Weight: 4 lb.

Well PP, here it is! I hope this humble little machete is something that suits your fancy, and is something you can utilize and enjoy for a long, long time! You know, I hear you're a writer, maybe you could start doing readings of your fics on your channel someday, I know I'd give those readings a whirl! Either way, glad I could meet you in person...

Happy slicing
Rancor Palmach

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