PMD-D: Team Gleam Picture

UPDATE: Added team member, Pik.

I couldn’t resist. Meet Tessa. She’s a Shaman who enjoys adorning herself in small ‘trophies’ from her previous battles or meals. If you have a story to tell that she hasn’t heard, you have a new friend.

Naive as she may look, she was raised on old legends. The world is a vast wealth of information and myths waiting to be explored and she yearns to step foot outside the crater to collect them. She tries not to go into detailed retellings too often, but if you show interest, you’d better pull up a seat because she can talk about mythology for hours.

Tessa is a born Shaman who tends to keep her orb dangerously close to the surface of her skin when she needs to access its power. Her main focus is channeling the Moon’s energy for divination and healing. This is the same base energy that powers Fairy-type moves, making her Dazzling Gleam a force to be reckoned with.

Her Ghost typing also allows her to communicate more easily with spirits. She’ll often meditate at night and converse with any who can spare a moment.

Pik could easily be mistaken for a feral Pikachu if you don’t actually try communicating with him. With a sentient mother and feral father, he doesn’t speak ‘common’ well and doesn’t know how to read or write at all. Most of his time is spent scavenging for food and eating anyone he can take down. Tessa's singing voice reminds him of his mother which is the only reason he is so calm around her. She certainly wouldn't call him friendly, but he can be encouraged to socialize with food.

She is quickly learning that he is nowhere near as unintelligent as she initially thought.

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