Tecciztecatl Picture

Tecciztecatl is Tlaloc and Chilchautlicue's Son. His role in Aztec Cosmology is that of a lunar God. It is told that despite his noble origin, he refused to sacrifice himself as it was done by Nanahuatzin, and instead of becoming the Sun God of the present Fifth Age, he became a lunar god. Such history is repeated in communities, as telling that nobilities can't be counted on origins, way of living, but rather on actions, when situations call for it.

This illustration was made for a Mexican-Cosmology based Playing Cards game, where he's the Jack-Knave for the Quiahuitl (rain) suit, which features his parents as King and Queen. I depicted him as quite brighter than other deities, borrowing the idea of lunar deity having an aura on its own, given the lack of variety in depictions of him on codex-material.

On both his cloak and arm, he has the symbol of the ehecailacacozcatl, the wind jewel, conch used by Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl on the underworld. As a lunar god, he was depicted as having a conch as his symbol. Sometimes, he's associated with the slugs, snails and worms on which dwell in conches.

This fact alone makes this deity very interesting to me: For as a son of a Rain God (Tlaloc), with conch-association to a natural element so meaningful for weather itself (the Moon), plus references to the slugs, all connect the dots of the Triton (sea-summoners, conch-carriers) species as a whole in my own created Apkallu mythos: typhonian-apkallu.deviantart.c…
But that's an entirelly different chapter.
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